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Former Law and Justice (PiS) members Adam Hofman, Mariusz A. Kaminski and Adam Rogacki made official defence statements this week regarding the recent travel expenses scandal which led to them being kicked out of the party.
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<a href= target=_new> Adam Rogacki, Adam Hofman and Mariusz A. Kaminski make their cases in front of the media</a>
A nursing home in the west of Poland is currently being investigated by local prosecutors ...
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The Polish Agency for Information and Foreign Investment (PAIiIZ) spoke out this week stating that ...
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Pomorskie Pomorskie
A 58-year-old Slupsk woman ended up in hospital after she was hit by a sofa ...
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Lubelskie Lubelskie
A 38-year-old man from Biala Podlaska was arrested this week for a bungled attempt to ...
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Mazowsze Mazowsze
Officers from the Central Office of Investigations (CBS) this week closed down one of the ...
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With all the recent hype surrounding the Poland national team, there is a chance for ...
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Jagiellonia were finally defeated by a brave and well organized GKS Belchatow this week. The ...
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Pani Polska revealed
Twenty two-year-old Ms Mielnicka from the western village of Baba beat a host of stunners to grab first place, beating ...
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Toilet peeper
A boss in Wroclaw faces two years in jail after allegedly installing a mobile phone in the company toilet in ...
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Michal Zachodny
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When history was revised The Recovered Territories Exhibition
In 1948, Wrocław’s Centennial Hall (Hala Stulecia) played host to the largest, most organised propaganda event in Poland’s history: The Recovered Territories Exhibition. An official term coined by Poland’s post-war ... - Read on
The Camaldolese Monastery A peaceful retreat away from Krakow's mayhem
Despite the density of visitors to Kraków since the budget airline boom, it’s still incredibly easy to derail yourself from the tourist trail. Overlooking the Wisła river from atop a ... - Read on
Sunny Downtown Studio for Rent
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A wander round Warsaw - Obviously the name implies a full-on French concept, but the menu actually drifts between ...
David James just read Guards seize mutt meat and said

"I can't believe the comment by "O'Tool". Who wants these tropical thirdworlders hanging about here without permission from the Polish ..."

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