News from Poland
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Police are searching for the killer of a teenage girl who was brutally murdered whilst on a bike ride last weekend.
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Police have been searching for clues along the coastline’s popular cycle path
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Police have been searching for clues along the coastline’s popular cycle path
The European Commission has stated that it wishes Poland to start including a catalogue of ...
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Mazowsze Mazowsze
The long-running saga of Warsaw’s second underground rail line could finally be about to end, ...
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Pomorskie Pomorskie
Two former local authority officials this week received jail sentences for their roles in the ...
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Kujawsko-Pomorskie Kujawsko-Pomorskie
Hospital directors in Grudziadz this week dismissed a surgeon who was drunk on duty. Police ...
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With all the recent hype surrounding the Poland national team, there is a chance for ...
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Jagiellonia were finally defeated by a brave and well organized GKS Belchatow this week. The ...
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Holy smoke
A priest in the southern city of Gliwice has been arrested after being caught smoking marijuana in church with two ...
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Blogger fined over Owsiak insults
On Thursday Legnica District Court found Polish blogger MatkaKurka guilty of insulting but not libelling Jurek Owsiak, head of the ...
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Steve Sibbald
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Graham Crawford
Graham Crawford
Digging deeper into the news from around the regions
In Your Pocket
Something For the Weekend from In Your Pocket. A weekly tip on the best to do and see around the country
Michal Zachodny
Michal Zachodny
Get on the ball with Polish football
Poles you should know - Jan Potocki A Polish literary legend
Most Western readers have never heard of Count Jan Nepomucen Potocki – indeed his singular masterpiece was only translated into English in 1995, some 180 years after it was completed. ... - Read on
The Warsaw Mermaid - Syrenka What's it all about?
Feisty, beautiful and very, very busty. Her image has bewitched millions, and you’ll find her film star looks printed on everything from flags to mags. - Read on
English-speaking Catholics
Are you thinking of becoming a Catholic? We welcome inquiries! Contact us the St. Paul's English Speaking Catholic Parish of Warsaw, ul. Solidarnosci 80.
A wander round Warsaw - Obviously the name implies a full-on French concept, but the menu actually drifts between ...
This Month in History

1943 - Operation Arsenal, in which Resistance fighters rescue 24 prisoners being transported to Gestapo HQ, becomes the first major operation of the Polish Underground

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fran beard just read Pawlikowski to stay in Poland and said

""i am only going to work with ppl i like" lucky you. MOST ppl work with and for ppl ..."

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