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The failure of a newly-installed vote counting system caused mayhem this week following last Sunday’s local elections and nearly 120 hours after the close of polls, a final result was still not known.
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Protestors stormed the HQ of the National Election Commission (PKW) claiming the vote was rigged
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Protestors stormed the HQ of the National Election Commission (PKW) claiming the vote was rigged
Lubuskie Lubuskie
Firefighters in the Buczyna Szprotawska reserve were called out this week to help save an ...
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Mazowsze Mazowsze
A driver close to the capital was killed this week after his car was hit ...
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Lodzkie Lodzkie
An 18-year-old girl is in court accused of murdering a 32-year-old man who allegedly tried ...
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With all the recent hype surrounding the Poland national team, there is a chance for ...
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Jagiellonia were finally defeated by a brave and well organized GKS Belchatow this week. The ...
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Man murders his mother
A man from the eastern village of Ulhowek faces life in prison after stabbing and killing his mother with a ...
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Boozed up & breastfeeding
A six-month-old baby has been taken into care in Olsztyn after social workers found him being breastfed by his drunken ...
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Lodz is the city that run out of luck. In slow decline ever since the demise of heavy industry, the new millennium saw the city well and truly hit the ... - Read on
Poles you should know - Jan Potocki A Polish literary legend
Most Western readers have never heard of Count Jan Nepomucen Potocki – indeed his singular masterpiece was only translated into English in 1995, some 180 years after it was completed. ... - Read on
Quotes of the Week

"Nobody is defending the National Election Commission (PKW). The PKW was not up to the task but do not mistake incompetence for rigged elections "
We think PM Ewa Kopacz is being very generous to the election commission by describing as only incompetent.

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English-speaking Catholics
Are you thinking of becoming a Catholic? We welcome inquiries! Contact us the St. Paul's English Speaking Catholic Parish of Warsaw, ul. Solidarnosci 80.
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James Griffigts just read Unemployment drops ... again and said

"Is the drop in unemployment because People have managed to ffind work in Poland or because more People left the ..."

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