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Speculation increased this week that Prime Minister Donald Tusk looks increasingly likely to be offered the post of President of the European Council bringing an end to his seven-year premiership.
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Donald Tusk carries the support of central and eastern <a href= target=_new> European leaders </a>
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Donald Tusk carries the support of central and eastern European leaders
Mazowsze Mazowsze
Warsaw taxi drivers are up in arms over the arrival in Poland of the mobile ...
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Lubuskie Lubuskie
Prosecutors are investigating the death of a woman from Sulechow who was hit by a ...
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Pomorskie Pomorskie
The father of a 3-year-old child living on an estate in Rumia has been arrested ...
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With Lech's goalless draw at home against Pogoń Szczecin last Saturday, Sunday's Legia match was ...
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While Widzew's relegation was confirmed yesterday, Zaglebie Lubin can still escape with the help of ...
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Beware of the bears
Visitors to the Tatra mountain’s Dolina Kondratowa district are being told how to react if they come across a bear.
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Serious snatch
A Latvian couple were attacked and had EUR 280,000 stolen from them in a pizzeria this week.
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Graham Crawford
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Michal Zachodny
Michal Zachodny
Get on the ball with Polish football
The Monopoly board to Poland So what is Warsaw's Park Lane?
Few games captivate and capture the imagination as much as Monopoly, a game where placid individuals transform into bullying landlords, gleefully stripping their closest family of all their assets, and ... - Read on
The Beer War of 1380 The church and the city clash over a brew
Silesia’s political ties to the Polish crown came to an end in 1327, just prior to the passing of King Henryk VI - last of the once-powerful, yet suddenly successor-less ... - Read on
Responding to the growing interest in prenatal yoga for non-Polish speaking mums-to-be in Warsaw, on the 3rd September 2014 we are opening PREGNANCY YOGA CLASS IN ENGLISH at St. Sophia Hospital. WEDNESDAY 13.00-14.00.
Good to be back... - It’s also good to see that continued attempts to erect rainbows as a sign ...
This Month in History

1944 - The 12th day of the Warsaw Uprising. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once again asks Stalin to help the struggling Poles.

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