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Law and Justice’s (PiS) Andrzej Duda is set to become Poland’s next president after beating current President Bronislaw Komorowski in Sunday’s election.
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New president Andrzej Duda celebrates with wife Agata and 20-year old daughter Kinga
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New president Andrzej Duda celebrates with wife Agata and 20-year old daughter Kinga
Poland has come under fire from Vice-President of the European Parliament Alexander Lambsdorff for failing ...
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The European Commission has stated that it wishes Poland to start including a catalogue of ...
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Mazowsze Mazowsze
Authorities and residents in the capital are looking for ways to stop a six-storey block ...
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Wielkopolskie Wielkopolskie
Poznan’s Academic Civilians Club (AKO) plans to illegally erect a bronze figure of Christ, over ...
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Pomorskie Pomorskie
17-year-old Wiktoria M. was this week charged with the murder of Agata from Wejherowo, carried ...
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With all the recent hype surrounding the Poland national team, there is a chance for ...
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Jagiellonia were finally defeated by a brave and well organized GKS Belchatow this week. The ...
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More cash for the military
Poland’s Deputy PM and Minister of National Defence announced on Wednesday that the country’s military spending is set to increase ...
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Former MP has sentence reduced
Former Transport Minister Slawomir Nowak, who was forced to resign for not declaring an expensive watch in his official declaration ...
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Michal Zachodny
Michal Zachodny
Get on the ball with Polish football
When history was revised The Recovered Territories Exhibition
In 1948, Wrocław’s Centennial Hall (Hala Stulecia) played host to the largest, most organised propaganda event in Poland’s history: The Recovered Territories Exhibition. An official term coined by Poland’s post-war ... - Read on
The Camaldolese Monastery A peaceful retreat away from Krakow's mayhem
Despite the density of visitors to Kraków since the budget airline boom, it’s still incredibly easy to derail yourself from the tourist trail. Overlooking the Wisła river from atop a ... - Read on
Quotes of the Week

"Polish youngsters voted for a comedian. "
National Bank of Poland Chief Marek Belka gives his view on the recent Presidential election outcome

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Making friends in Lublin
I am selling my home in Costa Rica to come and live in Poland with my wife who is Polish and I would like to make Polish friends . I speak English and Spanish and am learning Polish here. anyone interested write to me I am a professional
A long road ahead - One fears if Civic Platform wins the general election we can expect much of ...
This Month in History

1998 - Polish travel writer and journalist Tony Halik dies. During communism, Halik shot to fame by presenting hundreds of shows and writing 13 books giving Poles an insight into life outside of the Communist Bloc.

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