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The Law & Justice (PiS) party and their leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski were accused of ‘shameful’ electioneering by the father on one of the 96 victims as Thursday marked the fourth anniversary of the Smolensk air crash.
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Caption: One event saw marchers walk through the streets of Warsaw carrying pictures of the 96 victims
© TVN24
Caption: One event saw marchers walk through the streets of Warsaw carrying pictures of the 96 victims
Reports in the press this week state that Poland’s exports to Russia could potentially fall ...
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Mazowsze Mazowsze
Bailiffs this week took control of the region’s bank accounts because the region missed the ...
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Warminsko-Mazurskie Warminsko-Mazurskie
A 24-year-old Elk woman left her child in the care of a total stranger for ...
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Wielkopolskie Wielkopolskie
News emerged this week of a large-scale police raid on April 1 which was anything ...
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Wisła Krakow were hit by another setback last weekend with a third defeat in a ...
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With just three league rounds to go in the regular season, the situation in the ...
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Super size salmon
A Polish couple made the news this week after catching the largest reported salmon so far in Poland.
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Cemetery theft arrests
Police in the city of Szczecinek arrested four men this week in connection with grave robbing, reports TVN.
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Born in Łódź, 1933, Jerzy Kosiński stands out as one of the 20th centuries great literary talents, with a life story every bit as sinister and dramatic as his books. ... - Read on
Polish Art Nouveau and Młoda Polska How Poland rediscovered itself through art
In the late 18th century Poland was suffering a little bit of a crisis: it didn’t exist. At least not on the map, anyway. The backwards-glancing oeuvre of the nation’s ... - Read on
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Smuda starts to show his age - "but for all of those factors only one person is responsible -Smuda himself"
This Month in History

1939 - Poland and Britain declare mutual assistance in the event of war with Nazi Germany

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Chris Herz just read Swastikas for Senate Speaker and said

"I am so proud of my European grandparents. They had the good sense to leave Eastern Europe."

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