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Justice Minister Cezary Grabarczyk resigned from his position this week following on from allegations that he had received a licence for firearms despite not going through the correct channels or taking the appropriate tests.
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It is alleged Grabarczyk received a firearms licence despite not taking the tests
It is alleged Grabarczyk received a firearms licence despite not taking the tests
The European Commission has stated that it wishes Poland to start including a catalogue of ...
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Mazowsze Mazowsze
The recent blaze on the Most Lazienkowski has created an opportunity to improve the design ...
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Malopolskie Malopolskie
Punters in two Krakow restaurants scattered in all directions this Wednesday, when a semi-naked man ...
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Pomorskie Pomorskie
The Patients’ Ombudsman is investigating a hospital in Kartuzy, following an incident in which a ...
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With all the recent hype surrounding the Poland national team, there is a chance for ...
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Jagiellonia were finally defeated by a brave and well organized GKS Belchatow this week. The ...
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‘Polish gas chamber’ row
The website for broadsheet newspaper The Jerusalem Post was forced to correct a mistake this week after one of its ...
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Top dog for tobacco!
A Belgium Shepherd serving as a sniffer dog on the Poland-Russia border became something of a minor celebrity this week ...
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Michal Zachodny
Michal Zachodny
Get on the ball with Polish football
Local Villain - The least noble Nobel winner The tragic story of Fritz Haber
Wrocław, believe it or not, has had a total of eleven (eleven!) native-born Nobel laureates in the 20th century, beginning with Thomas Mommsen’s prize for literature in 1902 and spanning ... - Read on
Take a walk on the wild side Alternative culture in the heart of Wroclaw
Looking for an alternative to trendy lounges and mindless club music? Need allies for your next political action? Looking for a free place to crash? Head to CRK, Wrocław’s counter-culture ... - Read on
Quotes of the Week

"Now that Putin’s warming up the tanks, of course Komorowski’s first in line to be photographed with the army. "
Polish Solidarity (SP) MP Jacek Kurski puts the boot into the President.

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Making friends in Lublin
I am selling my home in Costa Rica to come and live in Poland with my wife who is Polish and I would like to make Polish friends . I speak English and Spanish and am learning Polish here. anyone interested write to me I am a professional
A wander round Warsaw - Obviously the name implies a full-on French concept, but the menu actually drifts between ...
This Month in History

1998 - Polish travel writer and journalist Tony Halik dies. During communism, Halik shot to fame by presenting hundreds of shows and writing 13 books giving Poles an insight into life outside of the Communist Bloc.

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Richard Henderson just read Justice Minister firearm scandal and said

"Zbigniew Ziobro. Who he? Talk about taking the PiS."

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