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Folllowing days of discussion with President Bronislaw Komorowski and high-ranking members of the Civic Platform (PO) party, new Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz unveiled her cabinet on Friday morning – and there were some big surprises.
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The <a href= target=_new>new cabinet </a> will be sworn in on Monday
The new cabinet will be sworn in on Monday
A 37-year-old man has been arrested after being accused of sexually molesting his eight-month-old niece.
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Reports have shown that property prices have started to rise in Poland - with tourist-friendly ...
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Wielkopolskie Wielkopolskie
Resident of Poznan were left shocked and terrified on Sunday after they were confronted by ...
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Pomorskie Pomorskie
There were strange scenes in Sopot this week when a 60-year-old paraglider had to be ...
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Mazowsze Mazowsze
The man who was charged with attacking Your Movement (TR) politician Robert Biedron in 2013 ...
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The men’s volleyball side sent the country crazy when their irresistible march in the World ...
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After Legia's sixth consecutive victory in Europe, it's time for one of the most important ...
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Fine time for Korwin-Mikke
Janusz Korwin-Mikke has been fined for using an offensive term during a session in the European Parliament.
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Gruesome deaths
The bodies of a couple have been found in the southern village of Radlna.
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Graham Crawford
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Michal Zachodny
Michal Zachodny
Get on the ball with Polish football
Born in Łódź, 1933, Jerzy Kosiński stands out as one of the 20th centuries great literary talents, with a life story every bit as sinister and dramatic as his books. ... - Read on
Polish Art Nouveau and Młoda Polska How Poland rediscovered itself through art
In the late 18th century Poland was suffering a little bit of a crisis: it didn’t exist. At least not on the map, anyway. The backwards-glancing oeuvre of the nation’s ... - Read on
Responding to the growing interest in prenatal yoga for non-Polish speaking mums-to-be in Warsaw, on the 3rd September 2014 we are opening PREGNANCY YOGA CLASS IN ENGLISH at St. Sophia Hospital. WEDNESDAY 13.00-14.00.
License regulations fail again - "What is most likely to follow is the sale of their best (and only) ...
This Month in History

1972 - The Polish football team, led by the legendery Kazimierz Górski, win the Gold Medal in front of 80,000 beating Hungary 2-1 at the Munich Olympics.

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REGGIE GREAN just read New Kazimierz Nowak photos and said


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