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A 38-year-old Polish man has confessed to sexually assaulting and murdering a nine-year-old girl in the French town of Calais this week.
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Chloe's body was found just three km from where she was kidnapped
Chloe's body was found just three km from where she was kidnapped

Russian Night Wolves make waves
The decision by the Russian Night Wolves biker gang to travel through Poland has come under fire from the Polish government with PM Ewa Kopacz labelling it as “provocation”.
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Better borders against Russia
Poland has started reinforcing its border with the Russian exclave Kaliningrad by erecting six new observational towers.
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Archaeologists dig up dildo
Archaeologists in the northern city of Gdansk were shocked this week when they unearthed what they believe is an eighteenth century sex toy.
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Prison term for paedophile priest
A former Polish priest was sentenced to seven years in prison this week after being found guilty of abusing eight boys under the age of 15 in both Poland and the Dominican Republic.
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Poor Poles ... on Paper How the rich are spending their days in ‘poverty’
Jarek owns the largest house on the street. It’s also the most modern and boasts six bedrooms, three bathrooms and a colourful brick driveway that sweeps from the electric gates ... - Read on
Killing Yourself Slowly Small businesses are committing suicide
The signs are printed on various coloured pieces of paper and sit below the glass counter top. One reminds customers that they must spend at least 30 zloties if they ... - Read on
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Nate just read Prison term for paedophile priest and said

"he should serve a longer term"

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