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Police are investigating the case of a 50-year-old shooting instructor who was shot dead this week under suspicious circumstances.
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Police arrested the man as he was trying to flee
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Police arrested the man as he was trying to flee

Exodus of MPs from Your Movement
Your Movement (TR) leader Janusz Palikot announced on Friday morning that his party would continue to have representation in the Sejm despite the exodus of nearly half his remaining MPs. With just 15 MPs left the party is just one more defection away from losing its place in the Sejm altogether.
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Driver in court over New Year massacre
The case began this week of a man accused of killing six people when his car left the road and ploughed into a group of eight adults and children on New Year’s Day.
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Drunk doc back again
A surgeon who was dismissed from his position for being drunk on duty has been handed his job back it was reported this week.
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Miners set new PM her first test
New Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz was facing the first test of her tenure this week after miners went on strike in Slask and blocked coal imports from Russia which they say are costing them their jobs.
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Local Villain - The least noble Nobel winner The tragic story of Fritz Haber
Wrocław, believe it or not, has had a total of eleven (eleven!) native-born Nobel laureates in the 20th century, beginning with Thomas Mommsen’s prize for literature in 1902 and spanning ... - Read on
Take a walk on the wild side Alternative culture in the heart of Wroclaw
Looking for an alternative to trendy lounges and mindless club music? Need allies for your next political action? Looking for a free place to crash? Head to CRK, Wrocław’s counter-culture ... - Read on
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