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The new draft law on infertility and in vitro treatment in Poland came up for public consultation this Wednesday.
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A year into the programme there have been 2,700 pregnancies and 249 births
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A year into the programme there have been 2,700 pregnancies and 249 births

Driver ploughs through tourists
The popular seaside resort of Sopot was still reeling today following an incident last weekend when the driver of a red Honda drove around the pedestrian area at speed hitting dozens of people. The driver eventually crashed and was violently set upon by angry tourists.
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Russian relations on the rocks
There was news this week that the ‘Polish Year in Russia’ and the ‘Russia Year in Poland’ celebrations which were due to take place in 2015 are to be cancelled.
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CBA raid army chaplain’s home
A Polish Army Chaplain has been suspended from further duties this week after having his office and flat raided by CBA agents.
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ECHR says Poland guilty in CIA case
The European Court for Human Rights this week ruled that Poland should pay compensation to two suspected terrorists who claimed that they were held and tortured by the CIA on Polish soil sometime during the period 2002-2003.
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The Camaldolese Monastery A peaceful retreat away from Krakow's mayhem
Despite the density of visitors to Kraków since the budget airline boom, it’s still incredibly easy to derail yourself from the tourist trail. Overlooking the Wisła river from atop a ... - Read on
The EC1 centre will change the face of Lodz The new face of central Lodz
Lodz is the city that run out of luck. In slow decline ever since the demise of heavy industry, the new millennium saw the city well and truly hit the ... - Read on
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