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More than 100,000 people signed an online petition last week in an attempt to stop doctors turning off a life support machine which was keeping a 17-year-old boy alive.
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The page has received over 100,000 likes
The page has received over 100,000 likes

Tusk condemns “act of terror”
Prime Minister Donald Tusk described Thursday’s shooting down of a Malaysian Airlines jet as an “act of terror” and said it confirmed the acts of evil that are taking place in eastern Ukraine at the moment.
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Korwin-Mikke ‘hit me in the face’
Controversial politician Janusz Korwin-Mikke has been accused of striking a fellow MEP in the face at a meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs last Friday.
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Ropey arrest makes the media
Two police officers came in for criticism this week following a stand-off with a knife-wielding man in which 11 shots were allegedly fired before he was finally arrested.
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EU funding completely batty
The European Union is all set to help pay for a number of Polish churches to be renovated - due to the fact they are occupied by bats.
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Poles you should know - Jan Karski The Lodz man who tried to stop the Holocaust
‘Every government and church says, “We tried to help the Jews,” because they are ashamed, they want to keep their reputations. They didn’t help, because six million Jews perished, but ... - Read on
Local Villain - The least noble Nobel winner The tragic story of Fritz Haber
Wrocław, believe it or not, has had a total of eleven (eleven!) native-born Nobel laureates in the 20th century, beginning with Thomas Mommsen’s prize for literature in 1902 and spanning ... - Read on
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