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A woman who was attacked by a group of savage dogs whilst out walking her nine-month-old daughter this week has spoken out to reporters stating that she is “no longer the same person”.
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The dogs are now under observation but could be returned to their owners
The dogs are now under observation but could be returned to their owners

New Smolensk evidence unveiled
The Smolensk air disaster made headlines again this week after the transcripts from the Russian control tower at the military airport were released by Poland’s Chief Military Prosecutor Office (NPW).
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Unions demand PM talks
As the current mining situation continues to put a strain on all those involved, the trade unions this week called for direct negotiations with Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz.
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Violent thugs target train
Eleven people were arrested last Saturday on a train heading from Elblag to Gdynia following a violent clash between two sets of rival sports fans.
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Country facing national strike
Tensions over the ongoing miners protest reached a head this week with Solidarity union leader Piotr Duda stating that nationwide strikes are likely to take place in a number of industries unless the situation changes soon.
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Take a walk on the wild side Alternative culture in the heart of Wroclaw
Looking for an alternative to trendy lounges and mindless club music? Need allies for your next political action? Looking for a free place to crash? Head to CRK, Wrocław’s counter-culture ... - Read on
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