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Coffin calendars are a sexy hit

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This way to heaven?
This way to heaven?

(2009-10-16) A calendar featuring pictures of coffins and sexy girls is proving to be a hit in Poland.

Poland's largest casket manufacturing company Lindner has released a calendar with its products, and included top models posing semi-naked alongside the coffins.

“The idea for this calendar is mine. Although I admit that I was inspired by an Italian calendar. There, a company does the same thing, but I thought ‘Well, our Polish girls are prettier, and our coffins are better. ... So we can do better.’ I asked friends for help with photography and advertising. And I must admit that the effect is good. We’ve got lots of positive comments.” said Barthosz Lindner, managing director of Lindner, the company behind the calendars.

But not everyone is happy. “For me, the connection between sex and death shows a complete disregard for human feelings,” said 54-year old Krystina Tczew.

Civic Platform (PO) MP John Kulas agreed. “This type of advertising must arouse opposition and even outrage. Such images violate human dignity and trample all over people’s painful experiences. Even in a world of freedom, public decency should not be forgotten.”

But since launching the calendars, Lindner has been inundated with e-mails asking not for coffins, but calendars.

“I don’t believe that sex alongside death is shocking and offends people who have just lost someone close to them,” Lindner said.

“I produce coffins. I could produce furniture or something else. But I don’t. And this is a good coffin. I decided on such advertising because I wanted people to know about our brand. That’s it,” he added.

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Naked we come; and, it seems, nakedness will accompany some to the grave. We know where we have come from; yet we don't know exactly where we're going. So the celebration of our departure should be characterised by a degree of composure beyond that which is required during our first party. There is no place for sex in connection with funerals.

Karmenu - Zejtun, Malta
at 2009-10-18 11:05:57

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