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Russia threatens food ban

26th April 2014

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The ban would cost Poland millions per year
The ban would cost Poland millions per year
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There were reports in the press this week that Russia may be on the verge of banning Polish fruit and vegetables from being imported into the country.

According to TVN24, the Ministry of Agriculture has received a letter from Russia asking for greater control over the quality of the imported products otherwise a ban may be implemented. However Agricultural Minister Marek Sawicki has spoken out over the issue claiming that such a ban is unlikely.

The President of the Institute for Agricultural Development Marcin Wronski has warned that a ban will have a large effect on Poland’s economy.

“The value of exports of fruit and vegetables to Russia is worth approximately USD 5 bln per year so we are talking about a significant amount here. We must also remember that the market is like a vacuum - take this away and making up for lost revenue and time is not an easy task,” says Mr Wronski.

Rosselkoznadzor, Russia’s sanitary and veterinary quality control authority stated that the ban is mainly a result of the “excessive amount of pesticide residue and nitrate content” found in the products.

At a press conference on Wednesday morning, Mr Sawicki admitted that it was not possible to guarantee that 100 percent of products were flawless, but added that when problems arose, producers were questioned.

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Again, the russians are doing what they do best....shooting themselves in the now they can feast on their worm infested apples and pay higher prices from Uzbekistan.

Daniel Szawica - Washington State, USA
at 2014-05-09 19:56:19

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